Underwear to straighten the back



For every woman, a shapely and straight figure is best. Thanks to this 100% comfortable underwear to straighten the back , you will now be able to stand up straight without pain. Straighten your spine and highlight your chest. This posture corrector goes with you everywhere and makes you younger and more attractive every day.

Slimming woman posture corrector, find your dream figure effortlessly

With a bent back, your chest seems hidden and this makes you less attractive. That’s why, if you want to find that straight posture that highlights you, this back straightening underwear is what you need. Indeed, it is easy to put on, remains discreet under your clothes and acts naturally without causing pain or discomfort. In addition, it adapts to all sizes and will meet your expectations.

  • Features : improves your posture, lifts your chest and relieves your back pain;
  • Advantages : easy to put on, light as a feather, does not leave a mark on the outside, easy maintenance, etc.
Underwear to straighten the back, woman, back posture corrector and chest detail

Sculpting underwear for all occasions, sport, work, kitchen, etc.

Do you want to send your shoulders back and restore an ā€œSā€ shape to your spine? Maybe you just want to avoid back pain and keep your figure straight. Whatever your goal, this posture corrector for women will meet your needs. It is comfortable and allows your skin to breathe.

Back straightening underwear for women: specifications

  • Type : Back posture corrector, underwear;
  • Materials : Nylon, elastic spandex;
  • Color : Black;
  • Sizes :
    S : under bust: 60-73 cm; 32A / B / C, 34A;
    M : below bust: 73-80cm; 32D, 34B / C / D, 36A;
    L : below bust: 80-87cm; 36B / C / D, 39A / B;
    XL : below bust: 87-94cm; 38C / D, 40A / B;
    XXL : below bust: 94-100cm; 42A / B / C / D;
  • Compatibility : female.


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