Shiatsu Neck Massager


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Is the pain unbearable in your back and neck? Fancy a strong or relaxing massage at home?

The Shiatsu cervical massager is for you! Designed to work at the desired location on your back , shoulders or neck , it does you great service by massaging painful areas and muscle blockages. Relaxation and relaxation are total.

Relax your muscles and relax with this back and neck massager

  • 20 massage modes

20 speeds to adapt the strength of the massages to the targeted body area, back or neck.

  • Imitates a Shiatsu massage with the fists

2 intermittent massage heads to effectively relieve pain and promote blood circulation.

  • LED display screen

Facilitates the use of the device by displaying the speeds.

  • Breathable and comfortable materials

Soft to the touch, breathable and easy to clean.

Massage your back and neck for total soothing with this Shiatsu massage device 

Cervical Shiatsu Massager - Woman massaging her neck - Cervi-Care

Its design imitates a Shiatsu massage with alternating fists. This technique is ideal for increasing blood circulation and removing muscle blockages. The many speeds included allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage and adapt to different parts of the body. And thanks to the LED display, you always know where you are in the different modes. The use is facilitated.

Intense and full relaxation with this shiatsu cervical massager

The 2 cylindrical massage heads cover a large beating surface. A button allows them to switch their senses at any time.

The fabric is extremely comfortable and of high quality. Its softness makes the experience more pleasant. It is also easily washable and breathable, which makes maintenance easy.

The device contains sturdy copper motors that ensure powerful beats and long-lasting use. A stainless steel air outlet accelerates internal heat dissipation which prolongs the life of the product. An overheating protection system automatically shuts off the device to ensure safe use.

With this Shiatsu neck and back massager, you will ensure your moments of relaxation! Don’t wait any longer and get yours to enjoy it whenever you want at home!

Characteristics :

  • Materials  : PU, Nylon
  • Size : 120 * 12 * 5cm
  • Weight  : 1.852 kg
  • Wattage  : 50W
  • Operation : on mains with AC 220V adapter included


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