Neck neck massage device


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Neck pain after a long day at work? Stop taking pain relievers which can harm you in the long term. Now there is a natural solution that quickly relieves your neck pain: a magnetic neck massager . Indeed, thanks to the magnets it integrates, this machine is able to effectively massage your acupuncture points and relax your muscles. In addition, it reduces general stress and balances your body energy.

Magnetic neck massager, the best alternative to solve your neck pain and relax you

Neck massages are quite special. For good reason, all the nerve impulse that feeds your body goes through this. This is why, by delicately massaging this area, we positively stimulate the entire body. For a professional and controlled massage, what could be better than this curved electric device  ? Forget your cervical fatigue, find a smile after work and share a good mood around you.

  • Features : Stimulates nerve acupuncture points, eliminates neck pain, relaxes the nervous system, reduces stress, balances positive energy in the body, promotes blood circulation, etc.
  • Advantages : adjustable pulse and power, light and comfortable, silent, can be worn anywhere (office, car, etc.).

An electronic pulse device to relax the neck and facilitate blood circulation

Contrary to popular belief, the relaxation of your neck is not only located there. Indeed, the well-being produced spreads throughout the body and promotes your productivity. So, don’t wait any longer and get this neck massager to transform your days.

2 couples using the neck massager in an airplane and in a boat

Neck massager: specifications

  • Type  : massage and relaxation;
  • Material  : ABS plastic (super resistant);
  • Color  : as the picture;
  • Application  : neck;
  • Compatibility  : woman and man;
  • Pulse frequency  : 0 – 1000 Hz;
  • Others  : 6 modes and 16 intensity levels;
  • Operation  : with 2 AAA batteries (not included) for 7 hours of use;
  • Includes  : Electro-magnetic massager, 2 massage pads with their cable, instructions in English and French.


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