Manual acupressure neck massager


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This  manual acupressure massager is an excellent tool for applying pressure and pinching of the cervical spine, shoulders and body. It helps you release tension and relax.

Acupressure massage to relax and relieve 

  • Relieves pain, relaxes and relaxes
  • Allows acupressure massages
  • Can be adjusted by pressing the supports using both hands
  • Ideally used on the cervicals but also the shoulders

Manual acupressure massage device

Manual acupressure neck massager - Woman who relieves neck pain and trapezius - Cervi-Care

The two golf ball-sized balls are made from a material that crashes; it is ideal for stimulating acupuncture points by applying pressure. Using both arms of the device, you massage and crush painful areas which improves blood circulation, releases endorphins and relieves pain.

Its use allows you to reduce your stress, improve blood circulation, reduce fatigue and improve general health. Particularly suitable for people who work under pressure in difficult conditions.

Characteristics :

  • Weight : 240g
  • Size : 34cm * 17cm * 5cm
  • Material : ABS


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