Knee cushion for sleeping


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For those who sleep in a lateral position, the problem is often seen in the legs. Usually one leg goes forward, putting pressure on the back. So you wake up with pain in the joints, knees, and even in the lower back. That is why, to soothe your sleep and make it more suitable, we offer you this knee cushion for sleeping .

Made of 100% comfortable soft material, it is positioned between your legs and maintains their proper alignment while sleeping. Thus, it reduces the pressure caused by bad posture and improves your sleep.

Reduce leg pain when sleeping in a lateral position with this knee pad

If this ergonomic cushion exists, it is mainly because it is almost impossible to control your sleeping position during the night. Thus, by positioning it between your legs, it supports them comfortably and eliminates painful pressure points.

  • Features : Maintains proper leg alignment overnight, relieves pain, improves posture, etc.
  • Advantages : porous design that allows the skin to breathe, cozy, adapts to your morphology, easy to maintain, etc.
Leg support cushion for sleeping compared to ergonomic knee cushion and soothed pain

A ventilated memory foam to accompany you at night, buy your knee cushion to sleep better

For this crotch cushion , the designers have really thought of everything. In addition to finding the right position for your feet, it reduces pressure on your vertebrae and eliminates pain. Buy it now and make the most of your nights.

Ergonomic leg cushion: features

  • Type : pillow supports leg;
  • Material : flexible viscoelastic foam;
  • Weight : about 500g;
  • Color  : white or blue.


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