Joint adjustable back posture corrector



Your physique matters, put it forward, appear slimmer and above all upright. For this, this mixed adjustable back posture corrector offers you the best. With elastic and modular walls, you can easily adjust it to your size and get that refined silhouette you dream of. In addition, it relieves you of back pain and relaxes your muscles.

Straightens back, back belt man woman 100% comfortable in sitting and standing position

Unlike traditional lumbar supports, this adjustable brace has a porous structure that allows your skin to breathe and feel good. You can wear it over or under any item of clothing and enjoy all of its benefits.

It is light, which allows you to take it even to the gym and thus eliminate any muscle tension. Do not hesitate to buy this back posture corrector for your spouse or for your children when they go to school.

  • Features  : improve posture, relieve pain, appear more elegant;
  • Strengths  : cozy, easy to handle, easy to store, discreet under clothing …

A breathable back posture corrector that’s right for you, buy it now and get back in shape

Some people hate spine straighteners because they are sometimes tight and heat the body. If that’s the case for you, too, you’ll love this inexpensive concealer. Indeed, it adapts to all body types and allows your skin to breathe without constraint. In addition, its light weight means that you do not feel that you are wearing a back straightener.

Support belt for all sizes: specifications

  • Materials  : mesh and comfortable foam;
  • Size  : universal, 70 – 120 cm (chest circumference) ;
  • Suitability  : children and adults, men and women;
  • Color  : black;
  • Adjustable  : yes …


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