Heated and magnetic lumbar support orthopedic belt


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In 80% of cases, back pain comes from a deformation of the spine. In general, whether it is sitting, standing or lying down, we are prone to adopting bad posture which is the cause of our lower back pain. This is why more and more French people are opting for an orthopedic lumbar support belt .

Indeed, this magnetic accessory has the ability to stimulate the essential points of our body. This increases our blood flow and thus relieves pain. In addition, the rigid back and elastic side panels of this support straighten our spine and thus improve our posture.

Woman with the orthopedic, magnetic and heating lumbar support belt which tightens her around the waist and maintains at the level of the lumbar spine.

A magnetic lumbar support belt for our back problems

Thanks to the magnets ideally placed in this lumbar belt, a magnetic field is created to regulate the circulation of the blood and thus avoid certain pathologies. In addition, this accessory acts as a muscle massager with the heat naturally produced by tourmaline. It stimulates our lumbar muscles and thus reduces muscle stress.

Best of all, this back support belt intelligently forces our spine to adopt proper posture while sitting or standing with cleverly placed support bars. So, if you do not yet have such an accessory to relieve your pain, now is the time to buy yours.

  • Features  : improves our posture, relieves back pain, prevents worsening of pathologies, etc.
  • Advantages  : easy to maintain, can be worn under clothing, remains discreet, allows the skin to breathe, keeps warm, warms, etc.

Lumbar support belt: features

  • Type  : magnetic and heated back support;
  • Materials  : neoprene + spandex + magnets + ABS medical bar + alloy bar;
  • Colors  : black or gray;
  • Size : Waistline : S 65-75CM / M 76-90CM / L 91-100CM / XL 101-115CM;
  • Compatibility  : unisex.


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