Ergonomic neck pillow


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Do you want a comfortable sleeping position? You made the right choice! Indeed, this ergonomic memory foam cervical pillow supports your head and allows you to sleep properly. Thanks to its “U” -shaped tilt, it adapts to your neck and perfectly conforms to the shape of your spine. In addition, it adapts to the ambient temperature and thus facilitates blood circulation during sleep.

For a peaceful night’s sleep and an energetic wake-up call, this cervical pillow accompanies you

If you have neck pain at night; or you just feel tired when you wake up, this orthopedic pillow is the solution. In addition to offering you a deep and restful sleep, it corrects your neck deformities and restores the “S” shape of your spine. Its ergonomic design and its production in organic cotton allow it to adapt to all body types.

  • Features : Reduces neck pain, makes it easier to sleep, improves your position in bed, etc.
  • Advantages : high quality raw material, advanced technology, easy to maintain, allows the skin to breathe, etc.
Ergonomic cervical pillow - woman -Ergonomic pillow

Buy now this ergonomic neck pillow and change your sleeping habits

A fulfilling day begins as soon as you wake up. To have a healthy alarm clock, you need to maximize your sleep. For that, what better than this ergonomic neck pillow to help you? Cozy and elegant, it will make you love your nights. Do not hesitate to place it in the ventilation to eliminate its natural smell before using it.   

Comfortable anatomical pillow for the night: technical sheet 

  • Type  : restorative sleep pillow;
  • Material  : cotton + memory foam;
  • Color  : as the picture;
  • Compatibility  : all ages, all skin types (even the most sensitive);
  • Size  : 50 x 30 x 10 x 6 cm.


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