Ergonomic back cushion


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Sitting or driving, the back muscles are prone to straining, which causes lower back pain. To avoid this, what could be better than this ergonomic back cushion  ? Made of breathable memory foam, this pillow maintains the “S” position of your spine and allows you to sit comfortably and without twisting.

Ergonomic cushion for the back and woman who supports her lower back while relaxing

Lower back pain after a long trip? This orthopedic back cushion allows you to hold on well

Back pain usually occurs when the vertebrae are in poor posture. This is why this ergonomic back cushion is there to accompany you. It adapts to your morphology and allows you to be comfortable at the wheel or at the office. In addition, its zipper and adjustable cord make it easy to handle.

Ergonomic back cushion for good lumbar support
  • Features : maintains your back posture, reduces lower back pain, supports the spine, etc.
  • Advantages : removable breathable cover, adapts to the support (chair), attachment loop, dustproof, etc.
Ergonomic back cushion and attachment strap

Ergonomic memory foam back cushion, buy yours now and enjoy its benefits

Why Use Medication When You Can Avoid Pain The Natural Way? Thanks to this ergonomic cushion , you will no longer feel back pain after a long period of sitting. Take advantage of our current offer to buy several and offer them to your friends.

Ergonomic back cushion and its memory foam

The ergonomic back cushion that accompanies you in the car: characteristics

  • Type  : ergonomic back cushion;
  • Materials  : cotton, shape memory;
  • Size (L x W x H): 34 x 31 x 12 cm;
  • Attachment buckle  : 145 cm in circumference;
  • Weight  : about 500g;
  • Colors  : your choice;
  • Compatibility  : unisex (men and women).


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