Electric acupuncture pen (AcuPen)


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According to traditional Chinese medicine, good circulation of energy improves the treatment of diseases and keeps the body healthy. Recently, this medicine has invaded Europe and modernized into an electronic acupuncture pen . Thanks to this massager pen, you can gently stimulate your body and release the negative charges in it. It beautifies the face and relieves muscle pain.

AcuPen electric acupuncture pen that relieves acute and chronic pain.

Acupuncture pen to relive the Chinese tradition at home

The benefits of Chinese medicine are inescapable today. Thanks to this innovative biotechnology, you can now do acupuncture without piercing your skin. For this, you just need to gently massage your body with this acupen . Indeed, it consists of 2 massage heads and 9 adjustable intensity levels according to the desired effect. It stimulates every acupuncture point in your body and releases the positive energy there.

  • Features  : Relieves acute and chronic pain, helps heal sports injuries, relaxes body muscles, etc.
  • Advantages  : optimized for all skin types, easy to carry, zero side effects, family use, etc.
AcuPen electric acupuncture pen and guide with acupuncture points and meridians of the hands and ears.

The alloy of Chinese medicine and biotechnology, buy this quality electronic acupuncture pen

The advantage of modern acupuncture is that the massage operation is much easier to perform. This is because you only need 10 minutes a day to balance the energy in your body. Increase or decrease the stimulation intensity of your pen whenever you want. Change your head for more effect.

Using the Acupen electric acupuncture pen with hands and massage.

Top quality acupen pen: features

  • Type  : acupuncture massage pen;
  • Compatibility  : male and female;
  • Size  : 2 x 30 cm;
  • Power supply  : one 1.5 V AA battery (not included);
  • Includes : pen + 2 massage heads + instructions for use in French and English.


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