CapRelax® – Support and relaxation cape


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CapRelax® medical device = a unique concept:

Description and benefits of Caprelax

I – By its manufacture: A patented versatile textile® and different from all other existing textiles or orthotics.

II – By its function: Physiological principles = Support, Correct, Relax, Relieve + Facilitate good movements (proprioceptive reminders) according to different pathologies and limit bad ones .

III – By its new place in the therapeutic and preventive management of medical devices

1 – During periods often medically neglected: + After an infiltration, an osteopathy session, rehabilitation, anti-inflammatory treatment, … when returning home, resuming daily life, leisure, work.

+ As a preventive measure , in the event of a history of biomechanical pain or neuro-rheumatic pathologies, in potentially aggravating or favorable situations, at work, in the event of domestic activity, DIY, gardening, prolonged transport, etc.

+ As a preventive measure , in the event of a history of injury, after intense sporting activity or at risk of recurrence.

2 – Proven effectiveness if intermittent wear (no need to wear it all day), at will and on demand (when you want and where you want!):

+ Relaxation effect – Cocooning = wearing for 15 to 20 minutes (massage effect when you want and where you want!).

+ Therapeutic and pain-relieving effect = wear that can be prolonged and more frequent but without causing any discomfort. This wear is particularly recommended, at work or at home, to optimize periods of rest and recovery (for example during a relaxing break, at noon, in the evening).

How to choose your size?

Size (cm) / Weight (Kg) Size accordingly

– Less than 160 cm / Less than 50 Kg = S – Small

– Between 160 and 170 cm / Between 50 and 70 Kg = M – Medium

– Between 170 and 180 cm / Between 70 and 90 Kg = L – Large

– Over 180 cm / Over 90 Kg = XL – XLarge


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