U-shaped memory travel pillow




Forget your neck pain after a long drive. Enjoy traveling by train or bus. Improve your posture while sitting or lying down. Spend more calming nights. With this memory foam travel pillow you have the comfort you are looking for. It adapts to your neck and improves the positioning of your vertebrae. In addition its breathable cover and microfiber padding make it soft and optimized for sensitive skin.

The memory foam travel pillow you need

Whether it’s for a trip to find the best breastfeeding posture or to sleep comfortably this neck pillow helps you. Designed on the basis of scientific results this orthopedic cushion has the particularity of relieving back pain and repairing your spine.

So if you want to turn your peaceful trips into real relaxation now is the time to buy this memory foam travel pillow .

  • Features : Neck support reduce neck pain protect vertebrae etc. ;
  • Advantages : Presence of a zipper which facilitates cleaning does not clutter compatible with allergic skin etc.

U shape memory foam pillow buy yours now to avoid neck pain and enjoy comfortable travel

Unlike other heavy duty cushions that can stiffen your spine this one 3D molds for full cervical support. It is suitable for people of all ages and makes an original gift idea for your parents friends or even your children. Wait no longer and enjoy the benefits of this comfortable pillow of superior design.

U-shaped travel pillow: specifics

  • Type  : ergonomic memory foam pillow;
  • Materials  : organic cotton and polyester;
  • Manufacturing  : non-woven (modern);
  • Size (L x W  x H) : 26 x 25 x 6cm ;
  • Weight  : about 380 g.



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