U-shaped inflatable travel pillow




Do you know that the quality of your sleep depends on the way you sleep? In fact more than one in three French people experience neck pain when they wake up. For good reason their spine remains poorly positioned during the night. This is why U-shaped cushions have made their appearance. Thanks to the comfortable side of these relaxation accessories you can now sleep pain-free. In addition their U-shape is ideal for accompanying you in the car or while sitting at the office.

Transform Your Travel With This Inflatable Travel Cushion

With its U-shaped design this support pillow gives you 360 degree support for your neck. It straightens your spine and relieves your neck and back pain. In addition it adapts to your morphology and does not irritate the skin. Indeed its porous coating allows your skin to breathe. It is supplied as a kit perfect for travel with 3D mask earplugs and carrying bag.

Features  : Supports the head and cervical area relieves pain and straightens your spine.

Advantages  : anti-apnea anti-snoring porous and breathable cover easy to clean adjustable quantity of air wicks perspiration etc.

U-shaped pillow to relax head muscles buy yours now and make your life easier

When sitting the head tends to move forward and thus deforms the spine. Usually this poor posture causes back pain in the neck and shoulders. To avoid them what could be better than this inflatable travel cushion ? Take advantage of our current offer to buy yours!

Soft and comfortable travel pillow: specifics

  • Type : inflatable neck pillow;
  • Material : PVC balloon South Korean velvet pillowcase;
  • Size (L x W x H) : 31 x 31 x 14 cm;
  • Weight : about 500 g.
  • Included  : inflatable travel pillow 3D sleep mask earplugs carrying bag.



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