U-shaped ergonomic travel neck pillow




A cervical cushion that adapts to your morphology and supports you . Indeed thanks to its intelligent U-shaped design and its great thickness this pillow supports the weight of the head and restores the positioning of the cervical and dorsal vertebrae. In addition its slow rebound pressure system and breathable coating allow you to wear it for several hours without strain on your skin. It is lightweight and suitable for long trips by car plane or even by train.

Optimized memory foam for pregnant women IT specialists travelers etc.

Finding the ideal position for breastfeeding is not always easy. This is why it is preferable to opt for an accessory that supports our head in good posture. However not just any! You need a pillow that conforms to your body and allows your skin to breathe. What better way to do this than this U- shaped travel neck pillow  ? In addition to improving your posture it eliminates neck pain and straightens your spine.

  • Advantages : soft anti-mite anti-bacterial breathable protective cover etc.
  • Compatibility : women and men ideal for travel and during pregnancy optimized for computer users drivers students etc.

Smart orthopedic support: take advantage of our offer to buy yours

Whether you feel the pain or not standing up straight is essential for your health. So please your body buy this orthopedic pillow for the trip that follows you everywhere.

U-shaped travel neck pillow: characteristics

  • Type : travel neck pillow;
  • Materials : organic cotton + polyester;
  • Manufacturing : non-woven (modern style);
  • Size (L x W x H) : 27 x 25 x 9cm ;
  • Weight  : about 350 g.



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