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Have you ever had nighttime pain in your knees or the soles of your feet? Maybe it’s more about the sciatic nerve that hurts you while you sleep? Or you just can’t find the perfect position to sleep? In general sleep disorders related to pain or positioning can be corrected with an orthopedic knee pillow .

Thanks to the studied curved shape of this cushion you can adopt the position you want and sleep without pain. Indeed this cushion corrects the alignment of your legs and keeps your spine in good posture.

Say goodbye to back pain while you sleep

When you sleep in a lateral position it is difficult to align your two legs properly. And even when possible the pressure from both knees hurts you and prevents you from sleeping. Fortunately this knee pad is here to help. To use it simply place it between your legs and you’re done. It supports your knees and thus stabilizes your spine.

  • Benefits : improves your posture relaxes your muscles eliminates stress maintains the correct alignment of your legs relieves cruralgia and sciatica etc.
  • Strengths : machine washable ventilated and breathable soft and comfortable hypoallergenic pillowcase adapts to your body type etc.

Orthopedic knee cushion: essential for sleeping well

According to specialists a good sleep guarantees a fulfilling day and a jovial mood. So if you want a good comfortable and pain-free night’s sleep now is the time to add this orthopedic cushion to your basket.

Cheap knee cushion: features

  • Type : orthopedic knee pillow;
  • Materials : cotton + memory foam with ventilation holes;
  • Weight : about 500g;
  • Size : 25 x 23 x 13 cm;
  • Compatibility : unisex.



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