Orthopedic back straightener




Designed following a scientific study this orthopedic back straightener gives you the comfort and posture you want. After a long time sitting or standing this lumbar support stretches your shoulders back and stabilizes the “”S”” structure of your spine. So you keep your posture straight without feeling pain.

A practical back straightener to straighten your figure and make you look stylish

Naturally it is difficult to maintain a correct posture when driving or when facing a computer. This is why it is advisable to use an orthopedic back straightener to improve our posture avoid back pain and also optimize our body energy.

To be elegant or to have a royal temperament goes through small details. Opt for this silhouette refiner and express all your splendor.

  • Features  : relieves pain straightens the spine improves your figure;
  • Product advantages  : easy to handle can be worn in two steps remains discreet under your clothes etc.

Buy this posture corrector now to straighten your back and shoulders

Everything has been thought of for this essential accessory! From elegant design to cozy comfort through remarkable practicality this posture corrector for men and women has it all. Buy yours now and have calming days. In addition do not hesitate to buy some for your loved ones to make them smile. It is adjustable and can adapt to all body types.

Orthopedic back straightener: technical specifications

  • Type  : mixed back support pain relief;
  • Material  : non-woven polyester (resistant and durable);
  • Colors  : your choice (white and black);
  • Sizes  : adjustable. Shoulder to shoulder distance in cm: ( S (30-38CM) M (35-43CM) L (38-46CM) XL (40-48CM));
  • Compatibility  : woman man and child …



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