Neoprene mixed back posture corrector




A hunched back lower back pain or even a feeling of heaviness on your shoulders. Don’t panic you’ve found what you need: a back posture corrector just the way you like it. Indeed thanks to its adjustable model and its neoprene material you can comfortably wear this straightener all day. It remains discreet under clothing and allows you to have that straight physique that you like.


No deformation on your figure this adjustable back straightener accompanies you

Hours in front of a computer or in the car have the effect of altering the “”S”” position of our spine which is sometimes accompanied by chest pain. This is why for optimal comfort all day long this soft belt is ideal for relieving pain and gradually returning you to correct posture.

It is light and goes with you everywhere ( gym at the office while you sleep etc. ). In addition you can put it without constraint on a garment or use it as an underwear. It remains comfortable and goes unnoticed.

  • Features  : adjustable belt lumbar support pain relief etc. ;
  • Advantages  : easy to wear and maintain discreet color light and comfortable suitable for all skin types adjustable according to size withstand several years;
  • Uses  : all occasions.

Want a straighter painless spine? Buy this posture corrector for men and women

Avoid muscle tension upper body deformities and back pain with this mixed corrector for women and men. It improves your posture every day and allows you to have that refined silhouette.

Neoprene back support: specification

  • Material  : ventilated neoprene (breathable and super comfortable) imitation leather;
  • Color  : black;
  • Size  : M : 71-96cm; L : 96-122cm (Bust);
  • Compatibility  : male and female;
  • Washing  : cold by hand;
  • Design  : elegant and porous for better breathing of your skin …

How to put this straightens back?




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