Microbead positioning cushion for back and neck



The sleeping position is what determines the quality of your sleep. So if you want to avoid back pain and regain a good mood when you wake up this positioning cushion for the back and neck is the solution. Indeed thanks to its curved shape ideally designed to adapt to your neck it improves your sleeping habits and repairs the deformities of your spine. Its silk feel design makes it cozy and optimized for a soft and pleasant night’s sleep.

A micro-ball shape memory positioning cushion that perfectly hugs your figure

Whether for therapy or just to improve your sleep this orthopedic pillow has it all. It adapts to your body shape for great sleeping comfort. Plus its shredded memory foam construction allows it to adapt to room temperature which helps blood flow. So whether you sleep on your back or on your stomach this memory foam pillow works to provide you with optimal comfort.  

  • Features : protection of the neck and spine during sleep support and maintain your resting position;
  • Strengths : breathable cozy easy to maintain resistant and solid pleasant to the skin …

A cervical and back positioning pillow for women men and children buy yours to improve your nights now

To relieve your back pain when you wake up you need to improve your sleeping posture and adopt good practices. If you don’t know which ones don’t panic! With this positioning cushion you don’t have to do anything. It adapts to your body shape and improves your sleeping position.

This type of half-moon positioning cushion is ideal for pregnant or maternity women but also and above all for anyone wishing to take care of their cervical and spine for better health.

Positioning pad: specification

  • Type  : unisex memory foam pillow;
  • Materials  : organic cotton shredded memory foam (microbead);
  • Weight  : about 500g;
  • Compatibility  : universal;



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