Memory foam pillow for cervicals




Are you wondering how your colleagues manage to be in a good mood every day? It’s simple they have a pleasant night’s sleep that gives them plenty of energy in the morning. Fortunately you can do the same by improving your sleep with this memory foam pillow for sleeping .

Designed based on memory foam it adapts to your body shape and straightens your spine. Its breathable inner material allows your skin to breathe without discomfort. In addition it facilitates blood circulation at night and ensures you wake up in great shape.

Want a deep and comfortable sleep? Choose this ergonomic memory foam cushion

Whether you sleep on your back on your stomach or on your sides this orthopedic pillow adapts to your posture and supports your neck all night long. Thanks to its soft padding it gives you a feeling of happiness which manifests itself in your good mood when you wake up.

  • Features : allows good sleep supports the neck and spine reduces neck pain …
  • Advantages : compatible with sensitive skin removable cover anti-bacterial anti-dust anti-dust mite.

Cervical memory foam pillow that improves your sleep buy the quality in our store

Be more productive at work boost your energy when you wake up and avoid back pain while sleeping. With this orthopedic pillow you have everything you need to sleep well. Buy yours now and enjoy a quality product.

Orthopedic pillow: features

  • Type : memory foam pillow for sleeping;
  • Material : memory foam cotton;
  • Color : blue or pink;
  • Size (L x W x H) : 49 x 29 x 15 cm;
  • Weight : about 500g;
  • Compatibility  : universal.



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