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Do you know that your feet rule your body? It sounds obvious but it’s more complex than you might think! Indeed each organ of the human body finds a sensory termination on the soles of the feet. A magnetic sole for weight loss is able to gently massage your feet and return the positive energy upwards. This energy gives you a good mood and naturally improves your health.

Increase your vital energy thanks to plantar reflexology: these slimming magnetic insoles reduce your stress and revive your energy

According to traditional Chinese medicine the plantar zone of the feet is the second heart of our body. This is why by performing a precise massage on the soles of our feet we eliminate harmful substances from our body and we regulate our blood circulation. These slimming magnetic insoles help you perform this massage on a daily basis. For that you just have to adjust them in your shoes.

  • Features  : treatment of the soles of the feet magnetic massage improve blood circulation absorb heat help lose weight reduce stress etc.
  • Advantages  : easy to adjust (thanks to the cutting lines) easy to wash adapt to all types of feet absorb shocks etc.

Foot and body relaxation: buy this acupuncture insole to increase your daily well-being and to lose weight

Today bodily well-being is essential to increase your productivity in working life. Therefore it is essential to maximize your positive energy . For that what better than this slimming magnetic sole  ? Take advantage of the many advantages of these insoles by adding yours to the basket!

Pair of orthopedic magnetic insoles: characteristics

  • Type  : acupressure orthopedic insole;
  • Materials  : soft fiber + medical silicone gel magnets;
  • Sizes : EU (35 – 40 and 40 – 45) adjustable (cutting lines);
  • Compatibilities  : men and women;
  • Colors  : light brown.



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