Lumbar massage roller




Are you looking for a massage stick to improve your muscle tone? Or do you just want to reduce pain and increase recovery of your tissues? Maybe you just want to feel great before you exercise? No matter what your reason for looking for a roller massage stick you have come to the right place.

By far the best massage roller today this innovative stick gently compresses and stretches your muscles in segments. This reduces your risk of injury and improves your blood circulation. So if you want to increase your physical performance through massage therapy this roller is the one for you.

Fast muscle recovery this sports massage roller increases your muscle tone and corrects associated imbalances

Currently in great vogue the massage stick is ideal for athletes before and after intense physical exercise. Before exercise it relaxes your muscles and thus reduces the risk of injury. After exercise it allows you to recover quickly and naturally . Easy to use you can apply it regularly on your calves neck shoulders and any other muscle in your body.

  • Features : increases muscle tone corrects muscle imbalances and reduces pain improves blood circulation relaxes muscles etc.
  • Advantages : easy to use easy to maintain stores easily harmless to the skin (even the most sensitive) etc.

Massage roller for muscle and lower back pain buy yours now and start relaxing your muscles easily

The advantage of having a massage roller is that you can take it anywhere. It is not bulky and knows how to be useful when needed. Use it regularly to maintain a healthy and energetic body.

Roller massage stick: characteristics

  • Type  : massage stick;
  • Material  : ABS + PVC;
  • Color  : as the picture;
  • Size (L x W x H)  : 44 x 4 x 4 cm; 
  • Compatibility  : men and women.



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