Lotus Flower Eco Carpet



The Ecological Lotus Flower Carpet is an excellent investment for anyone wishing to improve their daily life. If you lie down with your back on the mat the upper part of the body is gently massaged by the plastic rosettes which act like needles with slight movements: your blood circulation is then stimulated. The metabolism releases new energy in the body we feel a pleasant heat which leads to more relaxation and well-being during and after the session! No wonder more and more people use the Lotus Eco Flower Carpet every morning !

Lotus Flower Eco Rug: A versatile product for everyday use

You can use this Lotus Flower Eco Back Pain Mat to stimulate the entire back area but also the feet and massage with light movements the painful parts of the body. If you incorporate this needle mat into your daily routine for just 15 minutes such as a meditation or yoga sequence you will still feel the benefits of this vital mat some time after application. As everyone reacts differently to this stimulating effect of the mat it is best to start with a short duration of use and gradually increase it up to 30 minutes; Let yourself be guided by your personal feelings. Using this acupressure mat can:

  • promote deep relaxation
  • promote blood circulation
  • release and reduce muscle tension
  • help relieve stress and headaches
  • help relieve back and neck pain
  • promote restful sleep
  • promote general well-being

It is designed with organic materials respectful of your body and the environment. Its linen cover is comfortable and ethical and the mattress is made of organic coconut fiber.

The Lotus Flower Eco Rug is easy to use

We recommend using the acupressure mat to stimulate pressure points in the neck back and feet. At the beginning of use it may seem annoying and strange. By gradually increasing the duration of the application the body’s natural blood flow is stimulated the muscles begin to relax and you will be more comfortable.

At first it may be helpful to cover your upper body or feet with a towel or socks. Over time you will get used to the intense pressure point stimulation. Little by little your body will get used to the massage and will reward you with relaxation and well-being.


Please avoid sudden and sudden movements when using the Lotus Acupressure Mat as the lotus flowers are sharp edges and may injure the skin. Please note that use on moles warts inflammations or open wounds is only possible to a limited extent. If necessary consult your doctor before using the acupressure mat to relieve any health problems.

This rug is amazing. At first it feels like you’re lying on needles. But after about 5 minutes the muscles relax and you sink into deep relaxation. Some people even fall asleep on the carpet!


  • Type  : eco-friendly acupressure kit with storage bag;
  • Materials : 100% Linen and Organic cotton Organic coconut fiber Lotus ABS acupressure flowers;
  • Weight  : 1350 g;
  • Size : 71 x 44 x 1.5cm (mattress) / 39.5 x 27 x 10cm (pillow);
  • Washing  : by hand lukewarm water and hang to dry.



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