Lotus flower acupressure mat for pain relief




Back problems ? Lower back pain? Or even general fatigue? No matter ! Now you have the natural solution to relieve your pain and improve your blood circulation. Indeed thanks to this kit consisting of an acupressure mat and an acupressure cushion there is no need for anti-inflammatory drugs that can be harmful in the long term.

Relive traditional Chinese medicine at home choose this lotus flower acupressure mat

Contrary to popular belief it is possible and even recommended to use a natural solution for pain relief . Appeared several centuries ago in Chinese medicine acupressure mats are modernized today and offer an incomparable feeling of well-being.

Indeed this mat is made of small soft and comfortable flowers that allow your body to release endorphins from the first minutes . As a result you can shorten your sessions and benefit from a more intense massage.

When lying down this organic cotton foam releases tension from your muscles facilitates blood circulation and improves your sleep. With her relaxing has never been so easy.

  • Features  : Relieves stress and muscle pain reduces fatigue improves blood circulation etc.
  • Advantages : no risk of irritation to the skin (even the most sensitive) easy to maintain easy to store etc.
  • Compatibility  : all sexes and all ages …

Buy now this lotus flower acupressure mat and cushion set to healthily relax your muscles and relieve your pain

A straighter spine zero headaches no heavy legs… Order this pain relieving lotus flower acupressure mat  and enjoy all its benefits. No need to go to the gym to relax enjoy the surroundings of your home by relaxing on your chair or even on your floor.


  • Type  : acupressure kit;
  • Materials : Composite fabric and organic cotton ABS lotus acupressure flowers;
  • Weight  : 850 g;
  • Size : 67 x 42 x 1cm (mattress) / 37 x 14.5 x 10cm (pillow);
  • Size when stored (L x W x H) : 50.00 x 22.00 x 22.00 cm;
  • Washing  : by hand lukewarm water and hang to dry.



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