Jade stone massage roller




  • Ideal for quickly relieving back neck shoulder and face pain
  • Designed to massage and relax
  • Stimulates circulation thanks to the movements of the roller
  • Some models feature two massage rollers
  • Perfectly suited for people often exposed to screens (electromagnetic radiation from computers smartphones etc.)

The stone massage rollers Jade are used since ancient times to massage and relax. They bring many benefits: they reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes relax stressed people improve the radiance and elasticity of the skin help to balance energy …

Apply the face massage roller to the painful part of your body to relieve your pain and dissipate tension.

Tip: Put it in the refrigerator before applying it to accentuate the effects!

Features :

  • Weight : 80g
  • Material  : Jade
  • Size : 14 * 5.5cm



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