Inflatable cervical collar (Inflatable neck brace)



This inflatable neck collar  (or inflatable neck collar ) is perfect for relieving neck pain and for pleasant trips. Inflation can be adjusted to adapt cervical traction or neck support. It takes up very little space and is silky for maximum comfort.



An inflatable neck brace that adapts the traction of the cervicals and the support of the neck

  • Perfect for travel

Perfect for resting and sleeping while traveling by plane train or car.

  • Quality materials

Silky and pleasant finish for optimal comfort.

  • Adaptable

Inflate the neck brace to the desired pressure according to the desired pulling force.

  • Practice

Inflates quickly takes up very little space when deflated.

Relieve neck pain and relax in comfort while traveling or at home

Do you regularly have neck pain? Do classic neck braces give you limited relief? A neck brace that adapts to have a comfortable trip makes you dream?

We have the solution ! The inflatable cervical traction neck brace gives you the comfort and assistance you need to relax wherever you want. It stretches your neck to free your neck and muscles.

Inflatable cervical collar: many advantages

  • Improves spine and cervical alignment.
  • Allows you to free your neck by stretching your neck the way you want thanks to the adaptable traction.
  • Inflates and deflates easily and quickly thanks to a pump and a self-locking system.
  • The self-locking system makes it easier to adapt the desired pressure. 
  • Relaxes your neck and shoulders.
  • Relieves tension in your nerves.

How to use this inflatable neck stretcher? 

  1. Insert the pump into the inflation tube and undo the velcro.
  2. Check that the bolt at the pump is tight.
  3. Place the neck brace around your neck and tighten the velcro.
  4. Inflate to the desired pressure.
  5. Enjoy the traction on your neck relief guaranteed!
  6. Loosen the bolt to deflate the neck brace.

Characteristics :

  • Type : inflatable cervical collar inflatable neck pillow
  • Format : unique adaptable to any type of morphology
  • Size : 26 * 20 * 4.8cm
  • Weight  : 222g
  • Color  : brown



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