Heating lumbar belt with magnets




This heated kidney belt  is a perfect combination for people with back pain and in need of support. The heat provided naturally by the magnets and the tourmaline which are included in the removable cushion brings a pleasant feeling that will relieve all your pain.

Relieve your pain with this magnetic and heated kidney belt

  • Relieves pain using heat and magnetism supports lower back
  • Includes removable heating pad with tourmaline and magnets
  • Large treatment area for stomach or back
  • Adjustable tension thanks to the elastic band and velcro
  • Breathable materials suitable for sports
  • Sewing and quality materials

A heated kidney belt with magnets for magnetic therapy

The magnets create a magnetic field which causes a rush of blood which creates heat. This phenomenon is accentuated by tourmaline. You can also use the heated side on your stomach to soothe abdominal or stomach pain.

The belt with adjustable tension allows to maintain your back and to take a good posture while reducing your pain thanks to a good support.

When to put on a kidney belt?

  • The highly breathable and elastic materials which ensure a fixed effect at the waist make this belt suitable for athletes especially bodybuilders and for fitness.
  • Its use will prevent sports injuries by supporting the lumbar spine and reducing pressure during exercise. By removing the removable heating part it turns into a weight training lumbar belt .
  • It will be very useful in the event of convalescence to speed up the healing of your injuries and in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation lumbago sciatica and all kinds of back pain.

Suitable for pregnant women and for daily use.

How to put on a lumbar belt?

The use of the lumbar belt is very simple. You just need to position it around your lower back and tighten enough that the support is strong without getting in the way. You can choose if you want it heated or not by removing the removable part with the velcro.

Don’t wait any longer and get yours now! Usable for any occasion the benefits it brings you are well worth its low price! 

Characteristics :

  • Materials: Faux leather elastic headband tourmaline magnets.
  • Type: Unisex
  • Washing: Cold and separately
  • Sizes:
Waist size 70-80cm 80-90cm 90-110cm
Length 100cm 106cm 113cm
Width 17cm 17cm 17cm



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