Decompression traction lumbar support



Whether we are a woman or a man having an ideal posture protects us from back pain and prevents us from diseases related to muscle overload. Therefore we must improve our posture and avoid deforming our spine. What could be better than this adjustable lumbar support  ?

Designed to gently stretch the back this adjustable arch straightens our spine and relieves chronic back pain. In addition it naturally corrects postural imbalances and improves muscle flexibility.

Back support to relax the muscles and restore the position of our vertebrae thanks to traction – decompression of the lumbar region

The lumbar area of ​​our back is the most exposed to deformities and pain. This is why it is important to stretch it regularly to relax it and keep it in good shape. For this exercise this adjustable plastic bow is the tool you need. Indeed thanks to its levels of curvature this support adapts to your size and acts with a greater range. In addition its high quality material allows it to withstand several years.

  • Features  : traction and decompression of the lower back relaxes the back muscles relieves lower back pain restores the position of the vertebrae etc.
  • Advantages  : adjustable withstands several years easy to store and maintain comfortable during use etc.

Back support for home exercises buy yours now to reduce your back pain

We are more productive when we feel physically comfortable. Therefore you must regularly perform physical exercises to eliminate toxins from the body and be in good health. For this we recommend this multifunction back support to accompany you. Just use it for 5 minutes (twice a day) for best results.

Adjustable lumbar support: specifics

  • Type  : lumbar support;
  • Material  : High Quality ABS Plastic;
  • Color  : black;
  • Compatibility  : male and female.



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