Curved memory pillow for arms



Looking for the perfect support for your head at night? Or do you prefer a curved pillow that leaves room for your arms? Maybe you just want to change your sleeping habits and sleep more comfortably. Whatever your reason for improving the quality of your sleep this sleek curved memory foam pillow is the accessory for you.

With a curved shape that makes it easy to use this ergonomic cushion allows you to easily find a sleeping position suited to your body type.

Change your sleeping position without compromising your comfort this cushion adapts to your body and arms

Unlike other memory foam that squeezes your arms during the night this one allows you to put your arms under the pillow for more intense sleep. No need to change sleeping position to regain pleasure. This accessory adapts to your usual posture while supporting your head.

  • Benefits : arm placement without discomfort adjustment of the vertebrae effective support of the head reduces back pain upon waking etc.
  • Strengths  : ideal for everyone perfect for couples dust-proof very resistant etc.

An ergonomic pillow for sleepers buy your curved memory pillow now and no longer be in the way of your arms

Men or women a peaceful sleep is the best way to start the day. Thanks to the relaxing properties of this curved memory pillow your nights will never be the same. From now on your awakening will be accompanied by good humor. So if you want to change your sleeping habits and sleep more peacefully opt for this orthopedic pillow with shape memory.

Memory foam pillow with arm hole: features

  • Type  : ergonomic curved cushion;
  • Material  : 100% polyurethane cotton (soft and comfortable);
  • Compatibility  : Unisex;
  • Size (L x W x H) : 35 x 30 x 13 cm;
  • Weight  : about 300 g.



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