Cervical traction pillow



Are you looking for a practical and inexpensive solution to relax your neck and forget about your worries? Do you often have a sore neck or lack a support when watching TV or reading?

The cervical traction pillow the little brother of the cervical relaxation hammock is a very effective orthopedic pillow. It brings you the same benefits as its big brother while being more practical.

Traction pillow: simple and practical for relieving pain and relaxing

  • Ideal for supporting the neck

The perfect companion to support your head when watching TV or reading.

  • Comfortable

The foam and ergonomic shape are specially designed for maximum comfort.

  • Simple and efficient

Allows you to relieve neck pain and relax in about ten minutes by simply placing it behind the neck.

  • Economic

Gives you an endless number of sessions for a single purchase.

Neck traction pillow: everywhere and all the time!

  • Supports your head relieves  your neck and  relaxes  your body for example when you watch TV or read whether in your bed or in an armchair.
  • Provides great benefits by stretching the cervicals: rapid relief of pain reduction of stress and fatigue disappearance of migraines .
  • Allows muscles to relax completely thanks to better blood circulation which in particular increases eye acuity .
  • Very comfortable foam that adapts to all body types.
  • Very practical no installation to set up just place it and enjoy!

Characteristics :

  • Format  : unique adaptable to all types of morphology.
  • Size : 25.5 * 15.7 * 13cm
  • Weight  : 150g

Warning : this article is not intended for sleeping!



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