Cervical relaxation hammock



The cervical hammock was invented by an American physiotherapist Doctor Steve Sudell. It is designed to stretch the spine and cervicals optimally. It is ideal in cases of neck pain due to cervical osteoarthritis or Arnold’s neuralgia cervical disc herniation torticollis but also during migraines insomnia chronic headaches . Also suitable for correcting bad postures to relieve painful shoulders or in case of low back pain… It’s also perfect for just relaxing or meditating. In any case this superior quality 100% cotton hammock will satisfy you!


Relaxation and relaxation to relieve your neck pain

  • Effective

Relieves pain quickly in 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Practice

Easily transported and installed anywhere.

  • Economic

Allows daily neck pain relief at low cost.

  • Comfortable

Specially designed for pleasant relaxation with memory foam pads and breathable 100% cotton materials.

Cervical relaxation hammock: cervical traction at home

Are you tired of building up tension or pain in your neck and shoulders? Are you constantly stressed and looking for a solution to relax?

The cervical relaxation hammock allows you to feel the benefits of a physiotherapy or osteo session while staying at home. No more stress and accumulated tensions between the neck and shoulders thanks to this unique invention .

A cervical hammock with many benefits

With a daily session of 10 to 15 minutes you will obtain many benefits:

  • Allows you to regain good body posture by realigning the spine.
  • Stretches your spine and especially the cervical ones. Exercises cervical traction that allows better oxygenation of your body better mobility of the neck and shoulders. Most importantly it reduces and relieves frequent pain in this area of ​​the body.
  • You will be more relaxed which decreases stress and fatigue .
  • You improve the quality of your sleep prevent insomnia and relieve eye strain thanks to better blood circulation in the neck.
  • Your headaches and migraines decrease or disappear
  • You find your good mood !

For optimal results we advise you to use it in addition to your physiotherapy or osteopathy sessions.

How to use the cervical relaxation hammock?



  1. Attach the strap to a railing doorknob or hook.
  2. Adjust the height of the hammock with the strap so that it is approximately 10 cm from the ground.
  3. Lie down on a floor mat and rest your head in the hammock. Your head should be “”levitating”” “”in the hammock approximately 5-10 cm from the ground so that the traction can provide its benefits. Adjust the height of the hammock if necessary.
  4. Relax! 10 minutes a day will effectively relieve your pain. Do not forget to warn those around you so as not to be disturbed during your relaxation!

A user and installation guide in French with images can be downloaded after purchase.

Take advantage of our low prices to discover the joy of cervical traction at home!

Characteristics :

  • Material : 100% high quality cotton memory foam
  • Size : 50 * 20cm
  • Weight : 350g
  • Washing : machine or by hand
  • Contains : sleep mask storage bag and two attachment straps
  • Installation guide : in French to download



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