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Have you ever tried an acupressure mat ? Surprising at first the thousands of pins strategically placed on the mat and pillow help relieve stress and pain . What ? Buy a torture device? What next ?! Wait try to see before you judge! The tingling sensations felt at the beginning disappear quickly and give way to a feeling of well-being . The benefits of a session will quickly make you forget the slight tingling perceived at the beginning. Your blood circulation will be boosted which will regenerate all your cells. The pimples stimulate acupressure points on your body which naturally relax and heal painful areas.

Don’t wait any longer try this acupressure mat  and pillow. For a small fee you will regain your full health and the joy of living!

An effective and inexpensive acupressure mat and cushion kit

  • Helps relieve stress pain and relieve tension.
  • Ideal for total relaxation to de-stress and for back neck or muscle problems.
  • Stimulates body pressure points and blood circulation relaxes muscles.
  • Quality materials easy to wash. 

When to use the acupressure mat and cushion?

The acupressure mat is ideal for treating and relieving many pathologies. It can be used on all parts of your body. It is of course necessary to avoid applying it to the private parts and the eyes!

Body part targeted:

  • Face: headaches or migraines stress toothaches …
  • Neck: neck pain neck pain or neck stiffness insomnia … 
  • Back and stomach: back pain and various pains (lumbar muscle ..) lumbago osteoarthritis and arthritis digestive disorders and overweight … 
  • Buttocks: sciatica muscle pain painful periods …
  • Arms and legs: muscle pain heavy legs .. 
  • Feet and hands: poor circulation (blood stimulation and plantar reflexology).

Also useful in case of fatigue depression nervousness anxiety cramp …

How to use your acupressure mat and cushion?

  • Unroll your mat on a flat surface and lie down on it.
  • Apply the desired part of the body to relieve or relax in contact with the pimples.
  • Adapt the position of the mat so that it follows your body as well as possible: for example add a piece of clothing or a towel under the acupressure mat in the lumbar region to follow the hollow of the back.
  • For the first few uses it is advisable to keep a t-shirt or to put a fabric between your skin and the carpet. The advantage is that it is more hygienic but the therapeutic effect will be more effective with direct contact of the skin on the pimples.
  • The recommended usage time is 20 minutes daily. You can start with 10 minutes and later use it for as long as you want there is no risk of overdose!
  • We advise you to listen to soft music and breathe deeply for total relaxation!
  • Remember to hydrate yourself well after a session to facilitate the elimination of toxins. 

Characteristics :

  • Materials : Composite fabric and ABS material;
  • Weight  : 852 g;
  • Size : 67 x 42 x 1cm (mattress) / 37 x 15 x 10cm (pillow);
  • Size when stored (L x W x H) : 50.00 x 22.00 x 22.00 cm;
  • Washing  : by hand in lukewarm water. Hang for drying.



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