Acupressure back massage roller




After a sprint or prolonged stable position your muscles become tense and prone to injury. Therefore specialists recommend a self massage. What better way to do this than this back massage roller with serrated balls  ? Unlike ordinary sticks this accessory adds a touch of ease to your massage. Indeed its five mobile balls allow you to reach the deepest nodes of your muscles and thus reduce stress and pain.

Multifunctional back massage roller for a stronger and more resilient body

Today the ideal pre-workout is to warm up your muscles! For this this acupressure massage roller accompanies you. In addition to performing a deep and gentle massage of your muscles this bar treats pain and allows you to recover quickly after physical exercise. In addition its ergonomic handle makes it comfortable and optimized for absolute control.

  • Features  : improves blood circulation deeply stimulates your tissues removes fat cells treats cellulite etc.
  • Advantages  : easy to hold compatible with all skin types can be used with dry or wet lotion etc.

Anti-cellulite acupressure massage roller add it to your cart and enjoy its benefits

A massager stick with multiple advantages for smoother muscles without fat cells. Ideal for athletes (amateurs or professionals) and for anyone wishing to relieve their muscle pain. Water resistant and keeps the same efficiency for several years. Buy yours from our store and save.

Massage stick: specifics

  • Type  : massage and muscle relaxation;
  • Colors  : your choice;
  • Size (L x W  x H) : 44 x 6 x 6 cm;
  • Weight  : 360 g.



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